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I know that the matter is difficult to believe but it is real, therefore see completely and based on the reliable evidence that is exposed the web and mainly at it exposes reliable evidence of the existence of a being that communicates using the wind, what they call destiny and other methods clearly visible to the eyes of all, also shows evidence of certain abilities far superior to that of a human being, the web has international awards and certifications that certify that the tests contained in said website are real in addition to having an excellent web positioning, unfortunately society in general has not appreciated this and from it have derived bad consequences instead of good that is what really promises to be to bring this to manifest itself thus before humanity and says it in the eyes of all repeatedly, visible, repeatable, measurable, constant and real certified.


This is the result of the experiment of the proofs of a being superior to human in other places or dimensions, on the web, avoid being a victim of cognitive dissonance when analyzing our tests, judge based on the reliable evidence that is shown on the facts and not on your prejudices or beliefs, these tests meet strict criteria never seen before, a real and extraterrestrial supernatural entity, real and tangible god style, makes the wind draw hearts of smoke or with the clouds when I say to draw a heart after asking a question and tell that if it is true draw one, also other proofs that the wind obeys to this being or god, I have more than 300 videos like that, also live streams and this entity can do it at any time That I invoked, search the Internet (Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more in Spanish) "Proof that the wind obeys" and you will find it, here live, I also have giving away impressive net returns of money to my followers on Twitter guessing the future of different financial assets and the economy in general, search the Internet for "Proof of Guessing the Future" or the user on Twitter BrainDet and you will find it, also this being writes things on the random IDs of YouTube even when it says that it will do it through a heart of smoke, you can find this on the Internet if you search for "Paranormal computing tests", this being also draws hearts of smoke with the smoke that is coming out at the tip of a cigarette several times, in addition to proving that for almost all religions, what they consider sacred points says that this entity or god as their god and they short circuit between them with this fact demonstrating their falsehood, this can be found on the Internet as "Proofs of Psalm 104:4", in December 2019 I also recorded that this being would be bad with humanity and some other specific because they ignore it and my material does not go viral like other things less relevant and it was fulfilled in an amazing way, everything has to do with me and coronavirus proved, it even matches the coronavirus data according to Google perfectly with my birthday of 2020 and 2021 and the news of vaccines came out a day after someone important contacted me, in fact as I am you are since 2020 and I prove it, this can be found on the Internet as "Tests of prediction of a bad 2020" in addition, this being has released songs, some from years ago, others from today, describing the subject or the theme that I describe on this website, which is the web you find if you look for everything I tell you on the Internet, you can find this by looking for "Tests of materializing songs" , as if that were not enough, this being is also able to speak like Bumblebee the transformer but using destiny, I record videos recording myself with my eyes covered with the mask where I put random videos on YouTube in the background and if you search the Internet for "Proof of mastery of destiny", you will see that several times I say something and the video talks about what I am saying or even asking something and the video responds my question, also this being does incredible things for that I see again a girl named Mireya and we have a relationship of love, mainly make hearts with several things in my daily life and in life of all, proofs that even the dark and of many cultures and beliefs in the world are manifested by this love, this can be found on the Internet as Proof of the existence of the ideal partner. The web is updated almost daily, judge these publications based on the reliable evidence that is presented in them and not on their prejudices or beliefs, although I try to prove what happens to me as much as I can, these tests fall short of what it really is to live this experience with this being, which makes me very happy and is extremely surreal and impressive every day more and more since it began when the wind draws a heart and a bottle in my bathroom one night in 2017 alluding to the future relationship with Mireya, judge also my tests as if they happened to you, as if you lived them, so that you better understand the magnitude of the fact, I only record what I can and show it to everyone, the publications in English talk about things about the USA or UK that we have recorded and stand out, as you can see we have an excellent SEO and we won 2 world records and you can see it here, we had also won another important award in the USA with this website, but they made us fraud and we lost it for not being able to go for it, so since it happened the evil was unleashed again, now without remedy and you can find it on the internet if you are looking for Prediction tests of an evil 2021 let's hope that this is not fatal for humanity, because after all this website is to surprise and see again and conquer a girl and humanity does not care or despises it, although they benefit from this material to a lesser or greater extent because it proves new discoveries. Diverse proofs that this being really is behind the crisis of 2020 and 2021 looking for karma tests in 2020 and 2021, proof that this being is able to control or influence anything by perfectly matching specific numbers of time, reactions, population, coronavirus etc. In Tests of the mastery of life , proofs that this entity or god reigns practically all aspects of our lives and the incredible potential of a kingdom in which the human cooperates or consequences of not doing so in Tests of the supernatural kingdom. Check the excellent SEO of our incredible proofs here, in our publications about 2020 and 2021 we recommend an analyze based on how you would feel if it were me and locating yourself in times identifying and investigating dates and extra data, otherwise you will not see it as it really was or is the matter and you will not understand it, if this is known and the opportunity will come for everyone to follow the matter in the present tense and not analyzing the past only, see this video with its description, this being is good and wants good, in the end, the message of the web is love and everything that can happen for love in life, that is why hearts, important to see this and this video with its description because according to the majority religion and where these tests occurred you can go to hell without remedy if you despise this website, although it depends on the circumstances and the degree is not so much so according to this entity or god, we also warn about the war that happens in 2022 and other things that have happened, all threats fulfilled, analyze the web completely and be surprised, when you finish analyzing our content in a professional way, in the same way professionally analyze and deduce everything that this entity or god dominates or can do with what it already demonstrates and investigate extra data that we do not show on the matter that we narrate and you will be greatly surprised discovering that this is real and authentic with reliable evidence, if they are going to say that these proofs are false that they do it with real tests better than the ones I show, because to mention theories and speak for any interest and it is worth nothing in front of something with proofs and not words like this, unlike any supposedly supernatural phenomenon this is measurable, visible, constant, verifiable, repeatable and tangible, do you know any like that besides this? Therefore it can be verified by the scientific method unlike other phenomena supposedly of this nature that do not prove anything concrete, these tests and the testimony if it is taken advantage of represents a phenomenon of interest and defense to threats or beings of outer space whatever they are as we show and the possibility of surviving as a species and advancing in all senses since in Tests of the existence of god we show evidence that this being does things referring to the definition of the original god in the dictionary such as doing things in the universe alluding to this matter, or controlling destiny in amazing ways not only speaking using this, the domain of time among others, the sad thing is, that in years nobody gives us attention, or rather, it gives attention to god not according to any religion, according to the dictionary in all languages and cultures with certified real evidence, which are visible, tangible, repeatable, constant and measurable, if you were god you would do before such irreverence, this is real, they are not man's tales and this shows that from the small to the great they have serious psychoanalytic problems and pride, I assure you that no animal would react in a more negative way to its dominator than as this website shows how the human being has reacted, see all the links of proofs before judge in a professional way.

General Description

I have been conducting research and documenting for the general public for approximately 3 years to be able to make viral the fact that something, a living being that Wikipedia calls as God, I am not clear, a being or beings that interact with our reality in different ways in a visible, repeatable, measurable, constant and real way, and therefore are scientifically verifiable, more complete on the web in Spanish I show, I know that before and for a long time these things have been talked about, but they had never been able to be tested and much less scientifically document a manifestation of this type of the way I do it, one night while I smoking something magically draw a heart with smoke and when I question why, another figure was drawn alluding to marrying with a woman that I met in a religious camp in 2016, but we missed track, since then every time I invoked this is shown as it draws things with smoke, the clouds, hundreds of times in front of the camera, live and in front of whom this wants, the fact that hearts are drawn constantly, repeatably, visibly, measurable every time I say draw a heart or any figure, I repeat hundreds of times before the camera is not a phenomenon derived from chance because there are hundreds of them and several figures drawn clearly in the clouds or with smoke each time it is invoked, are then derived from this manifestation several others of the same nature, visible, verifiable, measurable, constant, repeatable things really impressive, which give to think after analyzing them that our reality and our life is directly or indirectly influenced by these beings who describe themselves as multidimensional entities in other places of extraterrestrial origin, as god, this say that what we know as god does not exist, says or seems to be, evidence is shown of how this alien in addition to showing in a reliable way the power to draw figures with smoke or with clouds, also draws hearts in another places, I show evidence of how I come across too many hearts, everywhere, in food, plants, hearts wither in plants, plants that are not heart-shaped, puddles, potholes and practically everything, whenever there here are a separate message with a heart alludes to the wedding with the woman of the religious meeting supposedly called Mireya, or Mirella or something similar, for example the place where I live, Salamanca, Guanajuato, that this is recorded in Mexico is in the center with heart of Guanajuato, this state is in the center or heart of Mexico, country where they sacrificed hearts to their gods, its main industry is named Antonio M. Amor, or AM Love, in Spanish, the tests are given when there is a president in this nation, like AMLOVE, AMLO, obsessed with refineries, everyone knows it, also in the city there is a Mazda car manufacturer, with a logo with allusion to a heart, a power plant, name they give to these beings commonly, as energies, there is a lot of smoke, characteristic of the phenomenon that I record, even the logo of the city government are hearts, I found a card with a heart as I show me to find myself wherever I go, with the name of Mirelle Rangel, before all this he said he had trusted an angel Rafael, and therefore not to speak to him with hope of seeing this girl Mireya later, the card was from a pediatric dental office, like Debanhi, the missing girl from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, with the same features of Mireya, Deba de owe in Spanish, nhi, pediatric in Vietnamese, among other data that I show similar as the matter really is for Mireya, evidence of how these beings as god write words or things generated in random chains of computers, as songs of time ago or current their videos or the lyrics perfectly narrate the fact that I show, my subject, described in, also something speaks or communicates using the destination with music or videos clearly random where without paying attention I do a monologue where the music or the background video talk about what I am saying right at the moment, repeat what I say, guess, or answer even questions even live and above all I record various threats or predictions with a very high rate of success, too many times for a long time, this is not the most important or impressive thing of the matter that I show is only the essence and the beginning, you will see below, everything I write here has proofs I repeat measurable, repeatable, constant, visible and internationally certified by some and above all they are real , I repeat because this is important, these beings and I have only been asking that my tests be made known to everyone to surprise Mireya, or whatever she is called, to see each other again and marry with her, we only ask for that and show proof that this comes for now only to that, but we have not been very successful despite these tests never being censored and here the importance of this publication, because this already turns out to be very dangerous for everyone, more than this research shows that it already was and deserves attention, not being a trick, is a real phenomenon, that jumps from the supernatural to the natural like the spring of nature with reliable evidence and all for love.

We have also recorded unfortunate evidence of how we threaten to touch mental and physical health just to demonstrate that we can don’t to do great damage at the moment and it is complied with irrefutable evidence, we threatened in 2019 with a devastating war if Mireya was not done, and in December of 2021 that time had run out and we were sticking to the consequences, then there was this war with Russia, where hearts are drawn in the explosions, the Mriya plane like Mireya was destroyed and more evidence just like our issue with the coronavirus and my case that is really impressive, if this is not known anger worse and worse says this being until extinction.

My matter, in I show in my last tweets everything that we would call a kind of manifest destiny about my person and the world, on my website and I show as something, an entity that is not in this dimension or next to me in particular does things constantly, repeatable, measurable, visible, tangible, real and certified in the eyes of all, repeat because this is pioneer by this, mainly draw hearts the symbol of love in a magical way everywhere mainly with the blowing of the wind or the air to surprise and see again and conquer a girl named Mireya that I met in a religious camp in August 2016 and that we missed track, according to this being he has always wanted to make viral that this entity or god makes figures magically and other surprising real tests, but this, although it is real, has not been successful in going viral, so in December 2019 I recorded that this would now be the demon so that they spoke with benefit of the people say and it was fulfilled in an amazing way, everything, everything that happened has to do with me, the coronavirus, the war, in a reliable way, according to this entity time is running out, so I begin to show how my failure will be that of many, including that of USA, for example the manifest destiny for my matter is from the stars as USA flag, man and woman as their colors, It is two united, or are 2 united, in spanish “stay two united” can read, with my favorite city before I discovered this I separate of Flor Susana, because she went often, we had a daughter who now has an air, that is as they say in Mexico it looks a little non-identical to the faces of George Washington, has an air, user Ania Ximena, User Ania, UCR Ania, who a few months ago goes to the psychologist because they want to do a psychologically damage according to her mother I found out recently, with invaded country destroyed the Plane Mriya as Mireya 3 months after saying that time had run out for Mireya and therefore as since the end of 2018 I recorded a terrible war, 3th world war, and I am only as a virtual dad of Ania for years, as her state Flor Ida in spanish Flower Goes with her capital My dad e, by the heart of my daughter she was born I had her very young when I was studying the university, listening to her heart she was born and thanks to it began my experiences that I narrate, like My heart to my virtual daddy that Flor left as Miami Dade Florida, My hearth to my dad e, the dates of the second amendment of the constitution with dates alluding to my date of birth, in 1988 I was born as BlackRock of Larry Fink, Fink in spanish like Blower, like winds blow to drar with his star product Aladdin, I repeat this although difficult to believe, I came to my life one night smoking in my bathroom drawing for the first time with smoke magically a heart and when I ask this why a heart, a bottle of a soft drink that I take in the Plaza Via Alta Salamanca Guanajuato, heart of Esta dos o 2 in Spanish united Mexicans in some tacos something told me that if I chose it I married with the girl, from the experience of the bathroom it occurred to me that as I had done it once I could do it again and so it was, every time I invoked god as since childhood telling it to draw a bottle or a heart of smoke it did, until I began to record at the end of 2018 entry of my president AMLO, with his followers AMLOVE that the people of Mexico Love for unknown and disconcerting reasons could be said, obsessed with the refineries with in the corner of my street 5 in which I live in the center of it with corner the parking lot of the refinery A M Amor and the other the side of street the lord of the works church, where now I work in Via Alta where everything began and in the sacred heart temple where I started before now I work in this church of heart and in Central parking on Via Alta Mall, with date of entry the same of entry of molnupiravir of Merck participant of a conference that I was rewarded and I could not go for lack of support against the law and more sinks of the government of my country, using the same method to cure the virus as the one I recorded since March 2020 to wash my hands, as a mol, or mall mall in Spanglish as the newly released Valet movie of Star + with parts of the movie that have to do with me or my place of work and several companions of the mall with an air like Ania to Washington to the cast of the film more name of characters and trajectories that also have to do with my affair, which comes out with Buzz from Toy Story with an air to me when I was in high school, a co-worker and my boss who is the homosexual and in fact is and not progress for good that they can investigate, has preference an Antonio who has just entered who spends it with Azael my manager, the shopping center is the new one in my city, there is an old one and a new one in front of a pyrotechnic shops, mol-nu-pira-vir the owner of Central parking Rafael Payro, for Alta Growth Capital that has nothing to do with Aryba group owner of Via Alta, narrated how an angel Rafael, patron of health, love and meetings fortunately participated like many other cultures and religions in my matter and therefore I trust that I would see Mireya later, until fate put me in a heart like many that I find abnormally out of nowhere with a heart that said Mirelle Rangel, dental office, they owe me to Mireya, everyone and they know it, the girl of my country died Deba nhi nhi pedriatric in vietnamieta, they threw her into the water, the girl is almost equal to Mireya, or was, the funny thing is that they are running out of water after threatening their leaders as a threat when the war began not to seriously damage them but only to demonstrate how we could touch their physical, mental health, their luck, allusions to 1000 ways to die and signs such as pimples or spots on their face and well then I do not know, I saw that Joe Biden began to deviate by confusing one thing with the other or it is not true, or that when I publish 1000 ways to die mocking the Russians of their horses of the apocalypse that peeled me as they say in my country, threatening to try this and that Joe Biden falls off the bicycle, Putin who trembling, stunned, and swollen and with his granite on his face and heart-shaped spots just after recording, so I happen with Debanhi and the water in Monterrey, that after threatening with this if you go hard not demonstrating so that they tell the truth, how heavy imagine that you would do if after throwing a dead girl into the water your city runs out of water and of course this is only the beginning, the new governor of the party we recorded a good video like you and they ignored us and look, spoiled as they Debanhi found it the same the party and the governor, also threatens to remove Trump and put Biden and we fulfilled it with additional amazing data and impact, with millimeter precision as said, I live in my mother's house who does not support me because of the boss of the sacred heart temple where I work and as a result of that all the discrimination and defeat that I must say mine or ours arise Central House Ina or in Cambodian flag country 5 stars of street 5 or CHINA country of the dragon, I live in the center of the street 5 in my mother's house, with an air to the Satan of the movie of the passion of Christ of Mel Gibson and the antichrist baby with an air to the boss of the sacred heart my boss because I work there part-time, how cold that with such a history by the union of societies and ethics we are not the two united, sounds familiar this I say? Or Sovietic in spanish can read and now that they are going to tell me that all this was done by chance or chance, or the human being? Well, of course not, I have more amazing data than what I tell you on my website, as a request write things in random chains generated by computer so that things are written in several languages, and as in code, just like destiny as I tell you, or videos even live of how I talk to music and random background videos and fate speaks like Bumblebee, repeat the music or the video what I say in perfect time or talk about what I am saying or even answer things, I have also been publishing on twitter the future of the stock markets for 2 years with a minimum error of dozens and dozens of impressive successes even in volatility, songs of yesterday and today with everything and their video narrate my story, as Eres para mi of Julieta Venegas, and more, many more things of impact and VERY REAL, then ask you to please analyze all my material in a professional way and because I no longer tell you to help me or so, help yourselves helping us, I hope one day to be able to go to know, this being does not listen to everyone or does not manifest itself to everyone as to me, also lies, keep it in mind because if you would like to make a video call where you ask things without me knowing that you ask or the nail of the matter to not get involved in your delicate things please, and then gladly it will be done live the same thing that I show as I show on Live Twitch, greetings and sorry for this entity or god be so cruel but imagine how cruel it is that with a story like this or your mother helps you, better help others to find their prick dog, then I am a normal person, this that I show threat, I record it and fulfilled, it is fulfilled, so beware, this wants to go viral and I do not think there is human power to prevent it, also consider that within my tests I show my karma, as I am they are all with millimeter precision and everyone who threatens and does bad things to me pays me small or large in a repeatable way, constant, measurable and more, consider it because if something happens to us, believe me, it is your end, luck because and I repeat, no longer help me, help yourselves by cooperating.Clearly in the image of the universe or looking towards the origin in a southern constellation like the subject of the Valet movies or the southern nebula also taken by James Webb and Hubble when nobody and I knew the meaning of this image of the field deep or let it be done as the religious would say, you can clearly see Aladdin's lamps, letters A, A and M everywhere together just like the refinery where I live Annuar, Mireya, Amor, Ania's name written clearly, my name less clear, many obvious hearts, a bird flower, a dove, a cross, crowns, and even Mexican hats and the manifest destiny represented in the world powers described in this publication as well as several elements that clearly have to do strictly with my subject of this web of reliably, all this drawn with many galaxies and celestial bodies perfectly aligned, do you think this is a coincidence, no, I'm not stupid and less to go against something like many here I showed.

My case is also reflected in the original Russian shield that was not only in the Soviet Union curiously, following the rhetoric of this publication, the surface data, GDP, history in dates and more have to do with me and my daughter Ania, she started in the Ukraine as Ania and they are now a separate thing, but united by ties equal to mine and my daughter. In the Russian coat of arms there is a heart that is like a female reproductive system with crowns and a beak in the style of a modern lamp or the bottle that was drawn after the first heart to indicate what the wedding with Mireya meant. Now I eat everything that represents me together with me it begins to destroy, together with me we all leave, analyze it, I'm not saying, or we all prosper, a matter of nature, self-similarity, complex sciences that I will not explain in this publication.


I show even more surprising evidence and that reaffirms everything written here in my references, analyze in a professional manner, the matter is real, on a natural level and difficult for me to define and cope with, I have an enormous responsibility, in a vulnerable situation, discriminated cruelly with all the moral and material damage that this implies, the consequences have been drastic for everyone and will continue to get worse the more time passes and that woman named Mireya is not by my side, this is not an idea or project mine, it is a clear project that I show evidence in the stars, galaxies and the entire universe embodied in a self-similar way obeying the principle of fractality in a clear way, and this has an origin which I show reliably on the internet to all the public, if humanity does not cooperate adequately in the face of this phenomenon, it will perish and I show reliable evidence, therefore, analyze, study my evidence since when modeling and studying them professionally entity, for example, through AI, can guess the future by reading destiny and verify how going against these things is lethal for any proven biological being in all the universe according James Webb heart images and others, everything will turn out well and this is known and accepted, this entity or god says it will answer without lying questions about everything, the universe, science, future, past, philosophy, religion, philosophy and all areas to advance and be useful in the universe, do not believe me, investigate for yourselves, this entity or gods lies and is not perfect that all people know about god, consider, this is not all good and care, nor with me that I record it at the expense of my health, in the end all my life and my tests have benefited and will benefit only what I show myself, personally I hope to live from my scientifically proven life testimony in a strict way and meet Mireya to verify that is really all this, because the other half of the story is missing, for your attention thank you, and again, do not believe me, investigate professionally for yourselves and all competent people, at the end this is not too bad for me, or yes, that the people judge based in the truth in general now I can say that I’m happy, but the way was so bad, dark and twisted all of this experiences began in Sacred Coeur of Jesus, Catholic Church, but this prove that all that the church say of god is the truth, this says the logic, and this real test not me, since this entity or god starts to draw hearts, my life’s transforms to better, no much better thanks to the people that cover my mouth and since this all have them mouths covered for not die, thanks it was unforgivable but is time, stop this purge like the movie too for the good of all, at the end the message of this is LOVE, don’t forget, consider like Isaiah 5:20 like my karma year and my street, failure to support this falls under serious crimes such as high treason, at least according to my evidence in Mexico and the United States, countries that naturally bear the name of my case.


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